Faull & Nikpay The EC Law of Competition
Författare:Faull Jonathan , Nikpay Ali
Titel:Faull & Nikpay The EC Law of Competition
Upplaga:2 uppl.
Omfång:1844 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Part I - General Principles
1. The Economics of Competition , Luc Peeperkorn and Vincent Verouden
2. The Enforcement System under Regulation 1/2003 , Eddy De Smijter and Lars Kj°lbye
3. Article 81 , Ali Nikpay, Jonathan Faull and Lars Kj°lbye
4. Article 82 , Carles Esteva Mosso, Stephen A. Ryan, Svend Albaek and MarÝa Luisa Tierno Centella
5. Mergers , Peder Christensen, Kyriakos Fountoukakos and Dan Sj÷blom
6. Article 86 - Exclusive Rights and Other Anti-Competitive State Measures , JosÚ Luis Buendia Sierra

Part II - Specific Practices
7. Horizontal Co-operation Agreements , Francisco Enrique Gonzalez Diaz
8. Cartels , Franšois Arbault and Ewoud Sakkers
9. Vertical Agreements , Mario Filipponi, Luc Peeperkorn and Donncadh Woods
10. Intellectual Property , Kevin Coates, Lars Kj°lbye and Luc Peeperkorn

Part III - Special Sectors
11. Financial Services , Steve Ryan, Eduardo Martinez Rivero, Albert Nijenhuis
12. Energy , Harold Nyssens and Dominik Schnichels
13. Communications (Telecoms, Media and Internet) , Kevin Coates and Wolf Sauter
14. Transport , Monique Negenman (Air), Maria Jaspers (Maritime), Rita Wezenbeek (Inland) and Joos Stragier (General)
15. Motor Vehicles , Konrad Schumm and Hubert Gambs

Part IV - State Aid
16. State Aid , Andreas Knaul and Francisco PÚrez Flores

Edited by Jonathan Faull, Director General of Justice, Freedom and Security, European Commission and Ali Nikpay, Senior Director - Case Scrutiny and Competition Policy, Office of Fair Trading

Svend Albaek
Franšois Arbault
JosÚ Luis Buendia Sierra
Peder Christensen
Kevin Coates
Eddy De Smijter
Carles Esteva Mosso
Jonathan Faull
Mario Filipponi
Kyriakos Fountoukakos
Hubert Gambs
Enrique Gonzalez Diaz
Maria Jaspers
Lars Kj°lbye
Andreas Knaul
Eduardo Martinez Rivero
Monique Negenman
Albert Nijenhuis
Ali Nikpay
Harold Nyssens
Luc Peeperkorn
Francisco Perez Flores
Stephen A. Ryan
Steve Ryan
Ewoud Sakkers
Wolf Sauter
Dominik Schnichels
Konrad Schumm
Dan Sj÷blom
Joos Stragier
Marisa Tierno Centella
Vincent Verouden
Rita Wezenbeek
Donncadh Woods
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