Public Employment Services and European Law
Författare:Freedland Mark , Craig Paul , Jacqueson Catherine , Kountouris Nicola
Titel:Public Employment Services and European Law
Omfång:402 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Serie:Oxford Studies in European Law

Pris: 808 SEK exkl. moms

Part I: Regulating Public Services in Europe
1. Competence, Social Policy, and Public Services
2. Regulating Social Services in Europe: Modes of Governance and Regulatory Techniques
3. Public Service Conceptions in European Law
4. Employment Services as a Public Service

Part II: Employment Services: Activities, Functions, and Policies
5. Job Intermediation: Between Partnership and Market Realities
6. Vocational Education and Training of the Unemployed and Public Employment Services
7. Active Labour Market Policies: Between the 'Right to Work' and 'Workfare'
8. 'Employment Friendly Wages' and the Broader Notion of the State as an Employment Facilitator
9. Outsourcing Employment Services: the State as a Manager of Employment Services
10. The Legal Relationship between Employment Services and the Jobseeker
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