Security in Real Property
– An Introduction to the Swedish System
Författare:Flodin Jonny
Titel:Security in Real Property – An Introduction to the Swedish System
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This book is intended to give an introduction to the Swedish legislation about mortgage and lien, i.e. how security is granted in a real property unit and the implications of lien. The book is used in the course Property Transactions at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Most creditors require security in order to grant credit. Security in real property is regarded as one of the best kinds of security and it plays an important role to the credit market. The book is divided into three main chapters. After the first, introductory chapter, chapter 2 is devoted to mortgage. Mortgage is concerned with the registration of a certain sum of money in the Real Property Register. When registration is granted a mortgage certificate is issued. The mortgage certificate may be used by the property owner to grant a lien on the property. How lien is granted and the implications of lien are described in chapter 3. The last chapter is concerned with attachment and sale of a real property unit and other situations where money is apportioned between claim-holders in a property unit. It is at this stage that the real value of the lien becomes apparent, i.e. it becomes clear how much money a claim-holder will receive.

Jonny Flodin works as a lecturer in private law at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
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