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Författare:Chalmers Damian , Monti Giorgio
Titel:European Union Law - UPDATING SUPPLEMENT – Text and Materials
Omfång:214 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press

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Since its publication in 2006 European Union Law quickly established itself as one of the leading textbooks on the market. When it was first published, it offered a lucid account of the law of the European Union still reeling from the 'failure' of the Constitutional Treaty. With the ever changing European landscape a detailed postscript to the first edition is very timely.

This supplement provides updating material to the main text, arranged to follow the current chapter structure. Its unique narrative approach, which mirrors the main text's design and organisation, allows students to link updating material with ease. Examining the road to the Lisbon Treaty and the recasting of the borders of the European Union, it offers the most current survey of the law of the Union. 1. & 2. European integration and moving beyond the Constitutional Treaty; 3. The EU institutions; 4. European Union law making; 5. Sovereignty and federalism: the authority of EU law and its limits; 6. Fundamental rights; 7. Judicial relations in the European Union; 8. & 10. Accountability and review of the EU institutions; 9. The enforcement of European law; 11. & 15. Free movement of goods, the single market and the economic constitution; 13. & 14. Union citizenship and non-union nationals; 16. & 17. The freedom to pursue an occupational activity and freedom to provide services; 20. Discrimination law; 22. Restrictive practices; 23. Abuse of a dominant position.

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