Guide to Export-Import Basics
– Vital Knowledge for Trading Internationally
Titel:Guide to Export-Import Basics – Vital Knowledge for Trading Internationally
Upplaga:3 uppl.
Omfång:300 sid.
Serie:ICC nr. 685

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International trade, a key engine of economic growth, is valued at trillions of dollars each year. But the techniques of how to export and import are often a mystery to business persons and enterprises. The classic text, Guide to Export-Import Basics, now in its third edition, examines the trade tools developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to help you make the most of international markets.

From the basics of how to develop a sale contract to the use of the Internet as a channel for sales, the Guide tells you what you need to know about the trading process: the legal foundation; resolving international disputes; international contracts of sale; agency, distribution and franchising; Incoterms and documentary credits; factoring and forfaiting; transport and e-commerce.

This edition of the Guide includes details of the revised rules on documentary credits,
UCP 600, new developments in forfaiting as well as new model contracts developed by ICC.

As a bonus, the Guide also provides practical tools to enhance the text:
·samples of key documents, such as the insurance certificate, commercial invoice and bill of lading
·easy to understand graphics illustrating, for example, the stages of a documentary credit operation and the distinctions between the different Incoterms
·a glossary of major export-import terms.

Guide to Export-Import Basics provides vital knowledge for those interested in trading internationally.
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