Insights into UCP 600
– Collected Articles from DCI 2003 to 2008
Titel:Insights into UCP 600 – Collected Articles from DCI 2003 to 2008
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Insights into UCP 600 contains 69 articles on UCP 600 written for the magazine DCInsight during the five years from 2003 to 2008: 39 articles written prior to the adoption and 30 articles after the adoption of UCP 600.

Table of Contents

69 articles including:

- The Insight interview: Nicole Keller - The shape of the new UCP

- Inconsistencies and ambiguities about [UCP’s] meaning ought to be banished to the past by Roger Graham

- The UCP 500 transport articles need to be revised
by T.O. Lee

- The Insight interview: Charles Debattista - A transport expert’s recommendations for the new UCP

- “Negotiation” : no benefit to beneficiaries by Reinhard Längerich

- A trader’s wish list for UCP 600 by Frank Reynolds

- The Insight interview: Ole Malmqvist - Candid views from a member of the UCP Drafting Group

- Negotiation credits, value and nominated banks by John Dolan

- The Insight interview: Laurence A.J. Bacon - Some key issues in the UCP revision

- The transport sector views UCP 600 by Mark Ford

- An argument for smaller-scale UCP revisions by Roger Graham

- Delete “reasonable time” and “without delay” from the UCP by N.D. George (CDCS Distinction)

- In support of electronic UCP revisions by Åke Nilson

- On “reasonable time” and holding documents at the disposal of the presenter by Pavel Andrle

- Another take on by Bojan Zida

- Transport articles in the draft by Professor Charles Debattista

- Who speaks for the exporter? by Laurence A.J. Bacon

- A look back at the UCP revision by Gary Collyer

- UCP 600: A shipping association’s view by Peter Holst

- Negotiation credits under UCP 600 by John Dolan

- A lawyer’s personal welcome to the new UCP by Brooke Wunnicke

- A practical approach to the new UCP by Kim Christensen

- Ambiguities in the new UCP by Pavel Andrle

- UCP 600: issues and question marks by Radek Dobás

- The anatomy of “shipment” in L/C transactions by Kim Christensen
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