Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements
– Principles and Practice
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Titel:Gas Sales and Gas Transportation Agreements – Principles and Practice
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Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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This book provides a detailed, hands-on guide to the drafting, negotiating and interpretation of natural gas and LNG trading and transportation contracts.

It offers clause-by-clause analysis of the typical provisions within agreements, and how the agreements are interpreted from top to bottom. It includes a CD-ROM providing precedents for editing or adaption.

This new edition offers increased coverage of contracting for the sale, purchase and transportation of LNG. Incorporating all the recent legislative and regulatory changes since the previous edition, it is up to date with the current industry regime.


General principles of gas and LNG sales and transportation projects
- The nature of gas
- Project structuring
- The contracting process

Gas and LNG sales arrangements
- Principles of gas and LNG sales
- Parties and collateral support
- The delivery point and delivery
- Term and effectiveness
- Quantities, rates and reserves
- Nominations and scheduling
- Shortfall
- Undertake gas and overtake gas
- Gas and LNG pricing
- Take or pay
- Make up and carry forward

Gas and LNG transportation arrangements
- Principles of pipeline gas transportation
- Parties to the GTA and collateral support
- Term and duration
- The input point, the delivery point and delivery
- The transporter's and the shipper's obligations
- Quantities and capacities
- Tariff and capacity payments
- Ship or pay
- Transporter and shipper failure
- Commingling, allocation and attribution
- LNG shipping

Common components of gas and LNG sales and transportation arrangements
- Invoicing and payment
- Quality specification
- Off-specification gas and LNG
- Measurement
- Facilities
- Maintenance
- Force majeure
- Liabilities and limitations
- Transfers, third party performance and control
- Termination
- Dispute resolution
- Other provisions

- Pro forma gas sales memorandum of understanding
- Pro forma gas sales agreement
- Pro forma gas transportation memorandum of understanding
- Pro forma gas transportation agreement
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