General Trends in Maritime and Transport Law 1929–2009
– A Hässelby Colloquium in Honour of Hugo Tiberg on his 80 Birthday
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Titel:General Trends in Maritime and Transport Law 1929–2009 – A Hässelby Colloquium in Honour of Hugo Tiberg on his 80 Birthday
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The Axel Ax:son Johnson Maritime and Transport Law Institute at Stockholm University celebrated the 80th birthday of the grand old man of the Institute, professor Hugo Tiberg, by arranging the XI Hässelby Colloquium on the topic General Trends in Maritime and Transport Law 1929–2009. The idea with the Collquium was to mirror the development of the maritime and transport law during the 80 years that have passed since professor Tiberg was born. The papers from the Colloquium have now been published as a new volume in the Hässelby Library. The articles are written by a number of leading international experts in this field of the maritime law, such as Julian Cooke (barrister), professor Nicholas Gaskell, professor Michael Sturley, professor Malcolm Clarke, professor Hannu Honka, professor Charles Debattista, professor Jan Ramberg and many more.



- Swedish Merchant Shipping and Certain Legal Aspects – Some Recollections
By Professor em. Lars Gorton

- Multinational Transport Company Groups Above and Beyond Nation States – How Does the Law Respond to That?
By Professor Erik Røsæg

- Regulation of Shipping and Transport within International Organisations – Is it Effective?
By Professor Hannu Honka

- Soft Law Meets Hard Law – Questions Raised and Solved by the Revised Institute Cargo Clauses
By Professor Charles Debattista


- Maritime Security. Conflict on the High Seas – Some Reflections on the Last Eighty Years
By Keith Michel, Visiting Professor

- The Changing Role of Flag, Port and Coastal States under International Law
By Dr. Henrik Ringbom

- Complete Freedom of the Seas or Polluter Pays for Everything – How far Should We Go in Order to Protect the Environment?
By Professor Peter Wetterstein


- Bills of Lading in an Electronic Age
By Professor Nicholas Gaskell

- Freedom of Contract and Carriage of Goods by Sea – A Retrospective on Shifting Attitudes from Hague to Rotterdam
By Professor Michael Sturley

- Carriage of Goods – Carrier Liability under Global and Regional Régimes
By Professor em. Jan Ramberg

- Air Carriage by Road: Quantum Rumbles On
By Professor Malcolm Clarke

- Charterparties – Has anything changed at all and is there a need for it?
By Julian Cooke, Barrister
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