Satow's Diplomatic Practice
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Titel:Satow's Diplomatic Practice
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This a classic work, first published 90 years ago and revised four times since. This is the first revised edition for thirty years, during which time the world and diplomacy have changed almost beyond recognition. The new edition provides an enlarged and updated section on the history of diplomacy and revises comprehensively the practice of diplomacy and the corpus of diplomatic and international law since the end of the Cold War. It traces the substantial expansion in numbers both of sovereign states and international and regional organisations and features detailed chapters on diplomatic privileges and immunities, diplomatic missions and consular matters. It also examines new forms of diplomacy from the work of NGOs to the use of secret envoys and commercial security firms, and the book highlights the impact of international terrorism on the life and work of a diplomat. Satow is an indispensable guide for anyone working in or studying the field of diplomacy.

It is intended for legal officers in foreign ministries. embassies, and international organisations; diplomats; academics and students in the fields of international law, international relations and diplomacy

The new edition responds to the many changes on the international scene since the 1970s, including: - the fall of the Berlin Wall - the development of multilateral diplomacy - the emergence of international terrorism on a major scale The book also features a new section on alternative and non-state diplomacy and expanded chapters on diplomatic history, privileges and immunities, and international organisations.

I Diplomacy in General
1: Sir Ivor Roberts: Diplomacy - a short history
2: Sir Ivor Roberts and Lady Hazel Fox: Ministers for Foreign Affairs
3: Sir Ivor Roberts: Titles, precedence and ceremonial
4: Sir Ivor Roberts: Language, forms and means of diplomatic intercourse
5: Sir Ivor Roberts: Credentials and full powers
II Diplomatic Relations
6: Eileen Denza: Legal Framework and Functions of Diplomatic Missions
7: Eileen Denza: Formal Aspects of Diplomatic Relations
III Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities
8: Eileen Denza: Privileges and Immunties of Diplomatic Missions
9: Eileen Denza: Privileges and Immunities of diplomatic agents
10: Eileen Denza: Families, junior staff and local nationals
11: Eileen Denza: Diplomatic agents in third states
12: Lady Hazel Fox: Privileges and immunities of the head of a foreign state and ministers
13: Sir Ivor Roberts and Eileen Denza: Special Missions
IV Diplomatic Missions
14: Eileen Denza: The diplomatic corps
15: Eileen Denza: Persona non grata, breach of relations and other endings to appointments and missions
16: Eileen Denza: Protection of Interests
17: Sir Ivor Roberts: Protection of embassies and diplomats from terrorist and other attacks
V Consular Matters
18: Eileen Denza: The appointment of Consuls
19: Eileen Denza: Functions, privileges and immunities of consuls
20: Eileen Denza: Consular access and protection
VI International Organisations
21: Eileen Denza and Lady Hazel Fox: Legal Framework for multilateral diplomacy
22: Sir Emyr Jones Parry and Elizabeth Wilmshurst: The UN - Its life and work including evolution of international law and peaceful settlement of international disputes
23: Sir Emyr Jones Parry and Elizabeth Wilmshurst: The UN - I The Charter and its operation
24: Sir Emyr Jones Parry: The UN - II Specialised Agencies, regional commissions and special bodies
25: Elizabeth Wilmshurst: The UN - III The International Court of Justice
26: Sir Emyr Jones Parry and Elizabeth Wilmshurst: The UN - IV International War Crimes Tribunals and the ICC
27: Sir Ivor Roberts: The WTO, OECD, IMF and IBRD
28: Paul Berman: The EU (Internal Matters)
29: Eileen Denza and Sir Emyr Jones Parry: The EU (External Relations)
30: Sir Ivor Roberts: Other international and regional organisations Commonwealth, CIS, Francophonie, NATO, OSCE, Council of Europe, OAS, ASEAN, AU, Arab League, OIS
VII Alternative and Non-State Diplomacy
31: Sir Ivor Roberts: Non-governmental organisations
32: Sir Ivor Roberts: Secret diplomacy, religious diplomacy and business-orientated diplomatic advisers
VIII International Transactions
33: Sir Frank Berman and David Bentley: Congresses and conferences
34: Sir Frank Berman and David Bentley: Treaties and other international instruments - I General Definition. Resolutions of the UN General Assembly
35: Sir Frank Berman and David Bentley: Treaties and other international instruments - II Pact, Constitution, Charter, Statute, Regulations, Concordat, Additional Articles
36: Sir Frank Berman and David Bentley: Treaties and other international instruments - III Act, General Act, Final Act, Modus Vivendi, Compromis d'Arbitrage
37: Sir Frank Berman and David Bentley: Treaties and other international instruments - IV Ratification, Accession, Acceptance and Approval
38: Sir Frank Berman and David Bentley: Treaties and other international instruments - V Reservations, Notice of Termination and Registration
IX Envoi
39: Sir Ivor Roberts: Advice to Diplomats
Appendix I
Sir Ivor Roberts: Definition and terms
Appendix II
Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations and on the Law of Treaties
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