Copyright Throughout the World
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Titel:Copyright Throughout the World
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This three-volume set is a guide to the copyright law of a variety of nations and is useful for copyright practitioners working with the Internet and other media and for academics researching comparative laws. It analyzes the important features of copyright law, related rights, and moral rights from countries throughout the world. Topics covered include registration and formalities, scope of protection, presumptions of ownership, transfers, collective rights management, remedies, circumvention of technological measures and rights management information, secondary liability, and conflict of laws rules. The format permits easy comparison of the laws of different countries.

•Contains coverage of rules on collective rights management
•Includes the International Professional Directory
•Includes three looseleaf volumes, updated annually
•Offers a consistent format for content across various countries
•Offers a variety of contributors who bring expertise on the law of each country
•Provides country-by-country coverage of copyright law
•Includes coverage of copyright law and related rights and moral rights where they are recognized under the law

Summary of Contents
Volume 1
Chapter 1. [Reserved]
Chapter 2. [Reserved]
Chapter 3. Australia
Chapter 4. [Reserved]
Chapter 5. [Reserved]
Chapter 6. Brazil
Chapter 7. Canada
Table of Abbreviations
Chapter 8. People's Republic of China
Chapter 9. [Reserved]
Chapter 10. [Reserved]
Chapter 11. [Reserved]
Chapter 12. [Reserved]
Chapter 13. [Reserved]
Chapter 14. Egypt
Chapter 15. France
Chapter 16. Germany
Table of Abbreviations
Chapter 17. [Reserved]
Chapter 18. [Reserved]
Chapter 19. India
Chapter 20. Israel
Table of Abbreviations
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