A Common Frame of Reference for European Contract Law
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Titel:A Common Frame of Reference for European Contract Law
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Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law (SCCL) arranged a meeting in Stockholm on 23–24 October 2009 following the Swedish presidency CFR conference, which was held in Stockholm on 22–23 October and organized by the Swedish government. The topic at the meeting was to discuss a proposal from Professor Christian von Bar and Professor Hans Schulte-Nölke, on how to continue the important work conducted by, inter alia, the Study Group on a European Civil Code and the Acquis Group. The continuance of this work could be organized by establishing either a European Law Forum or an informal organisation. The form for this continued work has, for some considerable time, been the subject of lively discussions amongst those interested.

This publication contains writings concerning the themes presented and discussed during the meeting. Many of the leading experts in the field attended the meeting.

Table of Contents:

Does business want a Common Frame of Reference? 11
Paul Abbiati
Is the Draft Frame of Reference compatible
with the Position of the Council? 17
How should the Academic Research be continued?
Christian von Bar
Topic 2: The Content of the political CFR – how to prioritise 27
Hugh Beale
Discours d’ouverture, conférence « un cadre commun
de référence pour le droit européen des contrats » 33
Jean-Marie Bockel
Do we need specifically European optional instruments
for international business transactions? 37
Michael Joachim Bonell
Why the “optional instrument” is not our option 39
Tomáš B řichá ček
Informations d’ordre général sur le travail
de la Commission relatif au cadre de Référence,
ainsi que la voie ŕ suivre 47
Alain Brun
The relationship between the Political frame
of reference (PFR) and the consumer acquis 55
Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson
Some Aspects on the Position of the CCBE on the DCFR 73
Friedrich Graf von Westphalen
The Common Frame of Reference as a basis for future
harmonisation of the law of sale and lease of goods 79
Johnny Herre
A Plea for a Binding Instrument 91
Ole Lando
Erwartungen an den politischen Referenzrahmen 95
Klaus-Heiner Lehne
The results of the discussions in the Council and the
future political work with the frame of reference 105
Tanja Rasmusson
Drafting new model rules on sales: CFR as
an alternative to the CISG? 109
Ingeborg Schwenzer & Pascal Hachem
Do we need a codification? 127
Leif Sevón
Is non-contractual liability arising out of damage caused to
another a natural part of a political frame of reference? 129
Lena Sisula-Tulokas
The (Draft) Common Frame of Reference as a toolbox
and as a basis for an optional instrument 139
Matthias E. Storme
Common Frame of Reference and UNIDROIT Principles
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