The Law of Yachts and Yachting
Författare:Lorenzon Filippo , Coles Richard
Titel:The Law of Yachts and Yachting
Omfång:506 sid.
Förlag:Informa Law
Ämnesord:Sjö- och transporträtt , Sjöfart

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The Law of Yachts and Yachting covers the legal issues that could arise during the life of a professionally crewed superyacht from conception to scrap yard. It is a practitioner’s book, to be used by lawyers and professionals involved in all aspects of superyacht operations, including; design, construction, financing, registration, charter, insurance and compliance.

Includes extensive practical commentary on the MYBA forms and Institute Yacht Clauses.

Table of Contents

1 Yacht-building Contracts

2 Yacht Registration

3 Value Added Tax and Yachts

4 Yacht Finance

5 Insurance Legislation and Contracts

6 Employment and Manning

7 Yacht Brokers

8 Yacht Chartering and the MYBA Form

9 Mooring

10 Sale and Purchase under the MYBA Form

11 LY2: Safety and Compliance for Superyachts

12 Accidents at Sea

13 The Recycling of Yachts
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