The ICC Model International Sale Contract
– (Manufactured Goods)
Titel:The ICC Model International Sale Contract – (Manufactured Goods)
Anmärkning:En cd-skiva med samma innehåll som boken medföljer.
Omfång:88 sid.
Serie:ICC nr. 738
Ämnesord:Förmögenhetsrätt , Internationell rätt

Pris: 938 SEK exkl. moms
The ICC Model International Sale Contract is a time-saving tool for traders, business men, lawyers and all parties involved in important import/export- and cross-border sales transactions. It applies mainly to the sale of manufactured goods but can serve as an example to work on for other types of products as well.

This concise model is fair and balanced for all parties involved by clearly presenting a comprehensive set of rights and obligations. Providing clear directions to sellers and buyers, its introduction takes the parties step-by-step through the process – from A to Z covering

- general characteristics of the contract
- scope of application
- termination of the contract
- dispute resolution
- and more.

This updated version takes into account recent developments in international business and trade finance. It incorporates the latest trade rules, ICC’s Incoterms® 2010, as well as the new Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) rules developed jointly by the ICC Banking Commission and SWIFT.

Succinct and practical, it will be an invaluable instrument for companies engaged in international trade and their lawyers. It carries the authority of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the organization that pioneered many of the basic rules and mechanisms at the heart of international trade.

Please note the following Erratum in Article 13.3:

“Without prejudice to article 10.2, a ground of relief under this clause relieves the party failing to perform from liability in damages, from penalties and other contractual sanctions, AND from the duty to pay interest on money owing as long as and to the extent that the ground subsists.”
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