Maritime Law Evolving
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Titel:Maritime Law Evolving
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To mark the 30th anniversary of the Institute of Maritime Law at Southampton University, current and former maritime law researchers came together to discuss the evolution of this fascinating area of law in the last 30 years and to stimulate discussion on its possible future. Their papers, edited by Professor Malcolm Clarke under the title Maritime Law Evolving, provide a series of thought-provoking essays on the most controversial and topical issues which have occupied maritime law researchers in the last three decades and which will continue to be at the heart of this ever-evolving discipline in the foreseeable future. The resulting work cuts across disciplines, spanning developments in areas as diverse as the management of the oceans and the evolution of the carriage and insurance sides of shipping law, including the ever- increasing influence of the European legislator in matters of conflict of laws and enforcement.

Preface vii
List of Contributors xi
Table of Cases xiii
Table of Legislation xxix
Introduction xlvii

Part 1. Developments in the Management of the Oceans
1. Somali Piracy – An Affront to International Law?
Prof Malcolm Forster
2. Changing Perspectives on the High Seas Freedom of Navigation? 23
Dr Andrew Serdy
3. Pollution of the Sea by Hazardous and Noxious Substances – Is a 43
Workable International Convention on Compensation an Impossible
Mr Richard Shaw
4. Compensation for Offshore Pollution: Ships and Platforms 63
Prof Nick Gaskell
5. Shipping and the Marine Environment in the 21st Century 95
Prof Mikis Tsimplis

Part 2. Developments in the Law Concerning Carriage of Goods and
International Trade
6. Reflections on the Rotterdam Rules 131
Regina Asariotis
7. Multimodal Transport Evolving: Freedom and Regulation Three 163
Decades after the 1980 MTO Convention
Mr Filippo Lorenzon
8. Incorporation of Charterparty Clauses into Bills of Lading: Peculiar to 181
Maritime Law?
Dr Melis Özdel
9. Certificate Final Clauses in International Trade: Some Recent 197
Mr Alexander Sandiforth
x Table of Contents
3. Developments in Marine Insurance, Jurisdiction and Enforcement
10. Thirty Years of Inherent Vice – From Soya v White to The Cendor 209
MOPU and beyond
Ms Johanna Hjalmarsson and Ms Jennifer Lavelle
11. Thirty Years of Europeanisation of Conflict of Laws and Still all at Sea? 237
Prof Y Baatz
Index 277
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