Commentary on the LCIA Rules
Författare:Wade Shai , Clifford Phillip , Clanchy James
Titel:Commentary on the LCIA Rules
Omfång:755 sid.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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For the first time Commentary on the LCIA Rules brings you a full assessment of the Rules, as well as advice on areas for consideration when choosing London as the venue for your arbitration. This new text presents article-by-article commentary on the LCIA Rules and refers to previous decisions making it easy to research case law and awards.

From the first considerations of the formation of the tribunal, the proceedings themselves, to the conclusion and challenges, Commentary to LCIA Arbitration is the authority to have at your side.

-Gives you all the practical background information when choosing London and the LCIA Rules for an arbitration
-Goes through every aspect of the proceedings so you have expert guidance throughout
-Covers all issues that need to be considered when forming an Arbitral Tribunal
-Discusses the challenge, removal or replacement of arbitrators so you are prepared in case of changes
-Refers to previous decisions of the LCIA Court, giving you expert insight into the LCIA
-Features Model Forms for an LCIA Arbitration so you have all key documentation required during an LCIA Rules Arbitration
-Includes comparative analysis of equivalent provisions in other Arbitral Rules
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