Eu Consumer Law And Policy
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Titel:Eu Consumer Law And Policy
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Consumers are expected to benefit from the EU’s project of economic integration, enjoying wider choice and improved quality, and yet they need protection from the dangers that flow from malfunctioning and unfair markets. EU consumer law and policy is an attempt to have the best of both worlds – a liberalised yet properly regulated trading space for Europe.

This new edition explores all facets of the EU’s involvement in consumer law and policy and concludes with a newly written examination of the relationship between EU and national initiatives of market regulation – symbiosis or disruption?

1. The Evolution of Consumer Policy in the European Union
2. Negative Law and Market Integration
3. The Law and Practice of Harmonisation
4. Market Transparency and Consumer Protection
5. Regulating the Substance of Consumer Transactions
6. Product Liability
7. European Private Law
8. Advertising and Marketing Law
9. Product Safety Regulation
10. Access to Justice
11. Conclusion: The Challenges of EU Consumer Law Index
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