EU Private International Law
Författare:Stone Peter
Titel:EU Private International Law
Upplaga:3 uppl.
Omfång:584 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Ämnesord:Internationell privat- och processrätt , EU-rätt

Pris: 2143 SEK exkl. moms
Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition of EU Private International Law incorporates many developments in legislation and case-law since the publication of the second edition in 2010. Building on the book’s reputation for comprehensive coverage and attention to detail, Peter Stone provides an authoritative and accessible introduction to the subject.

1. Introduction
2. History, Outline and Scope
3. Domicile
4. Alternative Jurisdiction
5. Protected Contracts
6. Exclusive Jurisdiction
7. Submission
8. Concurrent Proceedings
9. Provisional Measures and Taking Evidence
10. Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments
11. Enforcement Procedure
12. The Proper Law of a Contract
13. Contractual Issues and Exceptions
14. Protected Contracts
15. Torts
16. Restitution
17. Matrimonial Proceedings
18. Parental Responsibility
19. Maintenance and Property
20. Succession on Death
21 Insolvency Index
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