The Conflict of Laws
Författare:Briggs Adrian
Titel:The Conflict of Laws
Upplaga:3 uppl.
Omfång:434 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Serie:Clarendon Law Series
Ämnesord:Internationell privat- och processrätt

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This new edition organizes its material in light of European legislation on private international law, reflecting the shift towards understanding private international law as European law with a common law background instead of common law with European legislative influences. The author's approach is focused on the law and avoids the more abstract theory; as the theory of the conflict of laws is actually to be found in and by applying the legislation and jurisprudence to the cases and issues which arise in private international litigation and legal advice.

1: Introduction
2: The lex fori
3: Jurisdiction
4: Foreign Judgments
5: Obligations: Contractual
6: Obligations: Non-Contractual
7: Property
8: Persons
9: Corporations
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