Boilerplate: Practical Clauses
Författare:Christou Richard
Titel:Boilerplate: Practical Clauses
Anmärkning:Inklusive CD-ROM skiva.
Upplaga:7 uppl.
Omfång:350 sid.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell

Pris: 3347 SEK exkl. moms
This compendium of boilerplate clauses in common use also features detailed analytical commentary on each clause, together with advice on its application. The book also takes account of recent case law where applicable and comes with a CD-rom containing all the clauses for ease of access to readers.

-Offers a comprehensive range of boilerplate clauses to use in situations encountered when drafting commercial agreements
-Provides guidance on when and how to use each clauses of benefit both to the experienced and more novice draftsperson
-Identifies and explains relevant legislation in relation to boilerplate clauses used in drafting
-Incorporates references to key case law and assesses its implications
-Provides alternative clauses/wording to best meet client requirements
-Gives analysis of clauses so that the implications of their use are made explicit
-All the clauses are also provided on a CD-rom for ease of use to readers
-Covers all standard warranties
-Covers exclusions of liability
-Provides whole agreement and variation clauses
-Gives clauses for contracting and the internet
-Examines the impact of cloud computing on the obligation to safeguard confidential information
-Analyses the provisions and impact of the new EU Consumer Rights Directive, particularly in relation to trading over the internet
-Provides a discussion of the latest cases on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations
-Considers the legal effect and drafting of whole agreement clauses and exclusion of liability for precontract misrepresentation in the light of the Court of Appeal decisions in Springwell and AXA
-Discusses signature of contracts and completion of transactions by electronic means
-Provides a detailed discussion of and analysis of the relevant cases relating to the Eisudem Generis Rule
-Covers the latest cases relating to non-binding heads of agreement
-Studies the provisions and impact of the new EU Directive on late payment of debts
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