Global Investment Funds
– A Practical Guide to Structuring, Raising and Managing Funds
Författare:Alabaster Tom
Titel:Global Investment Funds – A Practical Guide to Structuring, Raising and Managing Funds
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Förlag:Globe Law and Business
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Private investment funds are currently investing more capital than ever and the funds themselves are larger than ever. The industry’s success comes against a backdrop of the continued fallout from the 2008 financial crisis, from evolving market trends and from increasing regulatory and tax compliance. In relation to structuring, fund-raising, making deals, managing exits, maintaining investor relations and dealing with the press, investors and their advisers are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

This practical guide features contributions by leading industry specialists on a wide range of issues arising at all stages of a private investment fund‘s life cycle. Topics covered include formation and structuring, regulatory matters, limited partner issues and negotiations, deal-level considerations, environmental concerns and end-of-fund-life procedures, as well as jurisdictional/offshore matters, their jurisdictional differences and choice drivers (eg Luxembourg and Ireland). The guide also sets out and explores the particular issues presented in relation to listed funds, start-up and spin-out funds, real estate funds, infrastructure and energy funds, and secondary transactions.

In consequence, this publication provides a wide-ranging and practical guide to the legal, regulatory, tax and commercial elements of establishing and operating private investment funds. Practitioners and other industry participants are likely to gain significant benefit from applying its contents within their own environment.
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