The Role of Competitors in the Enforcement of State Aid Law
Författare:Pastor-Merchante Fernando
Titel:The Role of Competitors in the Enforcement of State Aid Law
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This book explores the tools that the European rules on State aid place in the hands of competitors when it comes to fighting subsidies and other state measures of financial assistance to firms. In order to do so, the book scrutinises the means of redress available to competitors before national courts (private enforcement), as well as the opportunities that they have to make their voice heard in the course of the European Commission's enforcement procedures (public enforcement). The insights provided by the book lead to a better understanding of the rights of private parties under the rules and practices that govern the enforcement of State aid law.


1. The Substantive Rules on State Aid
2. The Institutional Design of the System of State Aid Control
3. The Private Enforcement of State Aid Law
4. The Position of Complainants in State Aid Procedures
5. The Participation of Competitors in State Aid Procedures
6. Judicial Review of State Aid Decisions
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