The Subject Matter of Intellectual Property
Författare:Pila Justine
Titel:The Subject Matter of Intellectual Property
Omfång:320 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press

Pris: 910 SEK exkl. moms
- The only book to study the subject matter protectable across the range of intellectual property (IP) rights and systems.
- Offers a theoretical framework for thinking about IP subject matter.
- Analyses contemporary domestic and European legal conceptions of the invention, the plant variety, the authorial work, the trade mark, the geographical indication and product designation, goodwill, and the registered and unregistered design.
- Provides a novel and complete "word:thing" account of the meaning of the terms used to denote IP protectable subject matter, and of the nature of those subject matter themselves.
- Analyses the categories and properties of the subject matter protectable by each IP regime, the methods by which those subject matter are individuated within each regime, the relationship between each subject matter and its concrete instances, and the manner in which each subject matter and its instances is known.
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