European Contract Law
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Titel:European Contract Law
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This new edition of European Contract Law examines the contract rules of several different European jurisdictions, including the most important civilian systems and English common law, while attempting to articulate general principles which are common in all of them. While the first edition was limited to a comparative analysis of the rules on formation and validity of contracts, agency, third party beneficiaries, and assignment, the second edition now also includes contractual remedies and various updates and revisions of the first edition, especially in light of the recent changes to the French Code civil. Furthermore, the book comprises a wealth of translated extracts of legislation, cases, and academic literature, comprehensively covering all aspects of contract law. The book was originally published in German to considerable acclaim. This English edition has been translated by Gill Mertens, building on the work done by the translator of the first edition, Tony Weir.

This edition will be invaluable to scholars and practitioners in Europe and beyond.

Table of Contents:

1: Development of European Contract Law
2: Negotiation and Formation of Contracts
3: The Definiteness of the Contract
4: Tests of Earnestness
5: Formalities
6: Interpretation of Contracts
7: Unfair, Illegal and Immoral Contracts
8: The Control of Unfair Contract Terms
9: Mistake
10: Deceit and Duress
11: Rights of Withdrawal
12: Claims for Performance
13: Termination of Contracts
14: Damages
15: The Effect of Unexpected Circumstances
16: Agency and Representation
17: Contracts for the Benefit of Third Parties
18: Assignment
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