International Licensing Agreements
– IP, Technology Transfer and Competition Law
Författare:Meiselles Michala , Wharton Hugo
Titel:International Licensing Agreements – IP, Technology Transfer and Competition Law
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International Licensing Agreements is an excellent guide to the complex world of international licensing agreements grouping together all the essential materials needed when considering cross-border licensing agreements. Like any contract, an international licensing agreement spells out the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, manages potential risks arising out of the contractual relationship and supplies a contingency plan for each party if the contractual relationship breaks down. However, international licensing of intellectual property, software or technology confronts the contracting parties with its own distinct challenges. When planning, drafting and negotiating such agreements, it is imperative to know exactly what core issues need to be addressed. This book provides this know-how in an easy-to-use, clear and concise fashion.

As a step-by-step guide to drafting international licensing agreements, this book ensures that the needs of each contracting party are addressed. This expert guide covers the following:

- business models that may be used by the contracting parties;
- standard provisions encountered in an array of international licensing agreements;
- analysis of the key clauses in various international licensing agreements inter alia trademark, software, franchise and technology licences with provisions as affected by jurisdiction;
- effect of competition law in a variety of jurisdictions;
- ensuring trademark protection at both national and international levels;
- clear explanation of key franchising terminology and disclosure rules; and
- effect of international dispute resolution rules in a range of jurisdictions.

Alongside contract analysis, this book details numerous case studies from an array of industries that ensure the accommodation of sector-specific issues.

Practitioners operating within or representing medium to large firms who normally have to prepare or provide advice on international licence arrangements will quickly find that this book is a functional and indispensable reference tool and source of information. The book’s thorough incorporation of detailed contract analysis will also be welcomed by professionals working for universities, industry, interest groups, government departments and international organisations.
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