The Commercial Appropriation of Personality
Författare:Beverley-Smith Huw
Titel:The Commercial Appropriation of Personality
Omfång:364 sid.
Förlag:Cambridge University Press
Serie:Cambridge Studies in Intellectual Property Rights

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I denna bok behandlas hur en persons namn, röst, utseende m.m. används i reklam- och marknadsföringssyfte.

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Part I.
A Framework:
1. The problem of appropriation of personality;

Part II. Economic Interests and the Law of Unfair Competition:
2. Introduction;
3. Statutory and extra-legal remedies;
4. Goodwill in personality: the tort of passing off in English and Australian law; 5. Unfair competition and the doctrine of misappropriation;

Part III. Dignitary Interests:
6. Introduction;
7. Privacy and publicity in the United States;
8. Privacy interests in English law;
9. Interests in reputation;

Part IV. Pervasive Problems:
10. Property in personality;
11. Justifying a remedy for appropriation of personality;

Part V. Conclusions:
12. The autonomy of appropriation of personality.
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