The Competition Laws of the EU Member States and Switzerland
– Volume 1
Författare:Vogelaar Floris O.W. , Stuyck Jules H.V. , van Reeken Bart L.P.
Titel:The Competition Laws of the EU Member States and Switzerland – Volume 1
Omfång:858 sid.
Serie:Law of Business and Finance nr. 2
Ämnesord:Marknadsrätt , EU-rätt

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Ur innehållet:
1: Introduction. Relevant legislation. Scope of application. Institutions. Effect of EC competition law in the context of national law. Simultaneous application of EC and national competition law.
2: Agreements Restricting Competition. Introduction. Substance of the notion; components. Exceptions.
3: Categories of Agreements, Concerned Practices and Other Arrangements. Vertical agreements. Horizontal agreements. Sectoral regulation.
4: Abuse of a Dominant Position. Assessment of dominance. Substance of the prohibition. Abuse of 'economic dependence'. Classes of abusive agreements or conduct.
5: Sanctioning (Agreements and Dominant Positions). Under civil law. Under administrative and criminal law.
6: Concentrations. Applicability. Individual exemptions. Sanctions.
7: Special Subjects. Power of fact-finding and investigation. International use of data. Confidentiality, trade secrets and disclosure.
8: Special Sectors and Regulated Markets.
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