McGregor on Damages
Författare:McGregor Harvey
Titel:McGregor on Damages
Anmärkning:Ny upplaga utkommer preliminärt i november 2008.
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Serie:Common Law Library

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Book One: General principles. Definition, scope, object and terminology. Pecuniary losses. Non-pecuniary losses. The general problem of limits. Reduction of damages for contributory negligence. Remoteness of damage. Mitigation of damage. Certainty of damage. Past and prospective damage. Nominal damages. Exemplary damages. Liquidated damages. The incidence of taxation. The awarding of interest. The effect of changes in value. The recovery of costs, damages and fines incurred in previous proceedings. Damages in actions surviving death.

Book two: Particular contracts and torts. The measure of damages in contract and tort compared. Sale of goods. Hire and hire-purchase of goods. Sale of land. Lease of land. Sales of shares and loan of stock. Contracts to pay or to lend money. Building contracts. Carriage contracts. Contracts of employment. Contracts of agency. Contracts of warranty of authority. Torts affecting goods: damage and destruction. Torts affecting goods: misappropriation. Torts affecting land. Torts causing personal injury. Torts causing death. Assault and false imprisonment. Malicious prosecution and cognate torts. Defamation. Economic torts. Misrepresentation.

Book three: Procedure. The pleadings. The trial. Appeals.
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