Carriage by Air
Titel:Carriage by Air
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- Historical background;
- Regimes governing carriage by air;
- Construction of Treaties;
- Scope of the Conventions;
- Documents of Carriage (passenger tickets, baggage check and air waybills);
- Contractual relations;
- Liability provisions under the Conventions;
- Exceeding the limits of liability imposed by the Convention;
- Defences available to the carrier;
- Common Law;
- Procedure;
- EC Law.

By Trevor Philipson QC, Nicholas Underhill QC, Timothy Wormington, Craig Orr, Bankim Thanki, Akhil Shah, Marcus Smith, Veronique Buehrlen, John Taylor, Adam Tolley, Louise Merrett, Paul Sinclair, Giles Wheeler, Rosalind Phelps. All contributors are practising barristers at Fountain Court Chambers.
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