European Union Law: Text, Cases & Materials
Författare:Tillotson John , Foster Nigel
Titel:European Union Law: Text, Cases & Materials
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1. The Emergence and Development of the EC/EU
2. The Evolving Process of European Integration
3. Federalism, Sovereignty, Competence and Subsidiarity
4. The Nature and Main Sources of Community Law
5. Law Making and the Community's Political Institutions
6. Treaty Basis and Constitutional Checks and Balances
7. The ECJ and the CFI
8. Direct Effect, Indirect Effect and State Liability
9. References for Preliminary Rulings
10. Community Economic and Social Law
11. Common Market and Internal Market: the Four Freedoms
12. Free Movement of Goods
13. The Free Movement of Persons and Citizenship
14. Social Policy: Equal Treatment for Men and Women
15. Competition Law: Rules Applying to Undertakings
16. Competition Law: Abuse of a Dominant Position
17. Articles 81 and 82: Enforcement and Procedure
18. Industrial Property Rights, Free Movement of Goods
19. Judicial Review and Supervision of the Institutions
20. Member States and their Community Obligations
21. Index
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