The Law of the Single European Market
– Unpacking the Premises
Författare:Barnard Catherine , Scott Joanne
Titel:The Law of the Single European Market – Unpacking the Premises
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List of Contributors
Table of Cases
Table of Legislation

1. The Evolution of the Single Market; Paul Craig
2. Pre-emption, Harmonisation and the Distribution of
Competence to Regulate the Internal Market; Stephen Weatherill
3. Proportionality and Subsidiarity; George Bermann
4. Flexibility in the European Single Market; Nick Bernard
5. Horizontality; Stefaan Van den Bogaert
6. Enforcing the Single Market: The Judicial Harmonisation of National Remedies and Procedural Rules; Michael Dougan
7. Unpacking the Concept of Discrimination in EC and International Trade law; Gráinne de Búrca
8. Market Access and Regulatory Competition; Catherine Barnard and Simon Deakin
9. Mutual Recognition; Kenneth Armstrong
10. Mandatory or Imperative Requirements in the EU and the WTO; Joanne Scott
11. The Single Market, Movement of Persons and Borders; Elspeth Guild
12. Competition Policy and the Shaping of the Single Market; Albertina Albors-Llorens
13. Free Movement of Capital: Learning Lessons or Slipping on Spilt Milk?; Steve Peers
14. The External Dimension of the Single Market: Building (on) the Foundations; Marise Cremona

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