Universities and Intellectual Property
– Ownership and Exploitation
Författare:Monotti Ann , Ricketson Sam
Titel:Universities and Intellectual Property – Ownership and Exploitation
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Förlag:Oxford University Press

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1 Introduction
2 What is a University?
3 What is University Intellectual Property?
4 Identifying the Creators and the Circumstances of Creation
5 Allocating the Rights - The Legal Background
6 Policy Developments and Specific Challenges
7 How Universities Allocate Intellectual Property Rights through Institutional Policies
8 Reporting, Rights Allocation, and Other Matters
9 Exploitation of Intellectual Property: Universities as Entrepreneurs
10 Future Directions: Ownership
11 Future Directions: Commercial Exploitation
12 Looking to the Future
Appendix A
Ownership and Exploitation of Intellectual Property in Universities: A National, Comparative, and Theoretical Study
Appendix B
Comparison of Respondents with the Original Sample
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