Merchant Shipping Legislation
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Titel:Merchant Shipping Legislation
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Preliminary pages:
Table of cases
Table of statutes
Table of statutory instruments

1: Registration
Merchant Shipping Act 1995
Part I British Ships
Part II Registration
Schedule 1: Private law provisions for registered ships.
Appendix - Regulations relating to the registration of ships
Regulations relating to small ships
Regulations relating to unregistered ships
Merchant shipping registration
Statutory instruments relating to bareboat charter ships

2: Masters and Seamen
Part III Masters and Seamen.
Application of part
Engagement and discharge of crews
Wages etc.
Safety, health and welfare
Manning, qualifications, training and uniform
Offences by seamen etc.
Disciplinary offences
Disqualification of seamen and inquiries
Civil liability of seamen for offences
Relief and repatriation and relief costs
Merchant Navy reserve.
Appendix: Regulations relating to masters and seamen.

3: Safety
Merchant Shipping Act 1995 Part IV Safety.
Safety and health on ships
Special provisions
Assistance at sea
Unsafe ships. Appendix: maritime safety regulations

4: Collisions (repealed)

5: Passengers
Merchant Shipping Act 1995: Control of, and returns as to, persons on ships

6: Delivery of Goods
Material repealed; chapter retained for future releases

7: Fishing vessels
Merchant Shipping Act 1995, Part V-Fishing Vessels.
Ch I: Skipper and Seamen
Engagement and discharge of crews
Safety, health and welfare
Manning and qualifications
Offences by seamen
Ch II: Safety
Appendix - regulations relating to fishing vessels

8: Wreck and salvage
Merchant Shipping Act 1995, Part IX - Wreck and Salvage.
Ch. I - Salvage.
Salvage - Schedule 11: International Convention on Salvage 1989.
Ch. 11 - Wreck.
Vessels in distress
Dealing with wreck
Unclaimed wreck.
Ch. 111 - Supplemental
Coastguard services
Release from customs and excise control
Removal of wrecks
Cinque Ports Act 1821.
Cinque Ports Act 1828.
Cinque Ports Act 1855.

9: Pilotage
Part I: Pilotage functions of competent harbour authorities.
Provision of pilotage services
Compulsory pilotage
Charging by authorities
Agents and joint arrangements
Part II: General provisions concerning pilotage
Compulsory pilotage
Rights of pilotage
Misconduct by pilots
Limitation of liability
Deep sea pilotage.
Part III: Winding-up of existing pilotage organisation.
Part IV - Supplementary (includes coverage of Schedules 1 to 3)

10: Lighthouses and mercantile marine fund
Merchant Shipping Act 1995, part VIII: Lighthouses.
Lighthouse authorities.
Schedule 8 - Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses
Information to Secretary of State
Functions of general lighthouse authorities
Inspections by Secretary of State
Powers of harbour authorities as local lighthouse authorities
Transfers between general and local lighthouse authorities.
Schedule 9: General Transfer of Local Lighthouses to harbour authorities
general light dues
local light dues
Schedule 10: Local Light Dues: Objections
Financial and administrative provisions
Offences in connection with lighthouses, buoys, beacons etc.
Exemptions from taxes, duties, etc.
Appendix - Regulations relating to lighthouses.

11: Special craft
Hovercraft Act 1968
Schedule: Modification of Enactments (includes modifications to Merchant Shipping Act 1995 and the Civil Aviation Act 1982).
Appendix - Regulations relating to special craft (includes those relating to hovercraft and submersibles)

12: Marine pollution prevention
Provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 relating to marine pollution.
Appendix - Marine pollution prevention regulations

13: Oil pollution prevention
Chapter II - Oil Pollution.
General provisions for preventing oil pollution
Shipping casualties
Miscellaneous and supplementary.
Appendix - prevention of oil pollution regulations.

14: Civil liability and compensation for oil pollution
Chapter III - Liability for oil pollution.
Limitation of liability
Compulsory insurance
Chapter IV - International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund
Contributions to fund
Compensation for persons suffering oil pollution damage.
Schedule 5: Overall Limit of Liability Fund
Schedule 4: Prevention of Oil Pollution: Transitory Provisions.
Appendix - Oil pollution liability regulations

15: Limitation of liability
Merchant Shipping Act 1995 - Part VII Liability of Ship owners and others
Carriage of passengers and baggage by sea.
Schedule 6: Convention relating to the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea
Limitation of liability of shipowners, etc. and salvors for maritime claims.
Schedule 7: Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims 1976.
Multiple fault; apportionment, liability and contribution
Time limit for proceedings against owners or ship
Limitation of liability of harbour, conservancy, dock and canal authorities
Application to Crown and its ships.
Appendix - Regulations relating to limitation of liability.

16: Shipping courts and enquiries.
Merchant Shipping Act 1995 - Part X: Enforcement Officers and their Powers.
Enforcement officers
Inspection etc. powers
Improvement notices and prohibition notices.
Part XI - Accident Investigations
Marine accident investigations
Inquiries into and reports on deaths and injuries.
Appendix - Rules for formal investigations and Section 52 enquiries and regulations as to accident investigations.

17: Legal proceedings
Merchant Shipping Act 1995 - Part XIII Legal Proceedings.
Prosecution of offences
Jurisdiction. Territorial Waters Jurisdiction Act 1878.
Territorial Sea Act 1987.
Schedule 1 - Minor and consequential amendments.
Schedule 2 - Repeals.
Merchant Shipping Act 1995 - Return of offenders
Detention of ship and distress on ship
Special evidential provisions
Service of documents.
Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990
Part II: Offences against the Safety of Ships and Fixed Platforms
Part III: Protection of Ships and Harbour Areas against Acts of Violence
General purposes
Powers of Secretary of State
Sea cargo agents
Reporting of certain occurrences
General supplemental provisions.
Offshore Safety Act 1992.
Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990
PART IV: Miscellaneous and General; including coverage of Schedules 2 to 4
Appendix - Regulations relating detention of ships.

18: Protection of shipping interests and liner conferences.
Part A - Protection of shipping interests
protection of coastal shipping services
Part B - Liner Conferences
Main implementing provisions
proceedings arising out of the Code
Other supplementary provisions
Appendix - Regulations relating to liner conferences

19: Administration of shipping
Merchant Shipping Act 1995, Part XIII - Supplemental
Financial provisions.
Appendix - Fees regulations

20: Miscellaneous provisions and definitions
Merchant Shipping Act 1995 - subordinate legislation
Application of Act to certain descriptions of ships, etc.
Final provisions
Coverage of Schedules 12 to 14
Clean Air Act 1993
Dark smoke
Miscellaneous and general

21: European Community regulation of shipping

22: British possessions and Commonwealth countries
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