International Business Transactions
– Commentary, Forms and Documents, including Wordprocessing Software
Författare:Campbell Dennis , Proksch Reinhard
Titel:International Business Transactions – Commentary, Forms and Documents, including Wordprocessing Software
Anmärkning:3 volymer inklusive en CD-skiva.
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk

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Table of Contents:

Volume 1
1. Business Format Franchising
2. Sole Distributorship Agreements
3. International Bank Guarantees
4. Performance Bonds
5. Joint Ventures
6. Formation of a High-Technology Company in the United States
7. Service Agreements for Multinational Corporate Executives in the United Kingdom
8. Technical Assistance Contracts

Volume 2
9. Selected International Contract Clauses
10. Foreign Investment (Republic of China)
11. Settling International Disputes through Arbitration
12. Basic Provisions in International Sales, Licensing and Distribution Agreements
13. Software Licensing Agreements
14. European Communities Notification of Distribution Agreement
15. Know-How Licensing
16. International Licensing Agreements
17. Acquisition Agreements: Purchase of Stock for Cash
18. United States Construction Contracts
19. Agency Contracts
20. Letters of Credit
21. Security Offerings, Continuous Reporting Obligations, and American Depositary Receipt Programs
22. The Liechtenstein Trust
23. Distribution Agreement
24. Quotaholder Agreement
25. Production Rights Agreement

Volume 3
26. Secured Lending Agreements
27. Confidentiality Agreement
28. Partnership Agreements
29. Sponsorship and Marketing Agreements
30. Intellectual Property Indemnities
31. Letter of Intent and Confidentially
32. The Law of Guaranty in the United States
33. Completion Accounts
34. Mediation Agreement
35. Sales Representative Agreement
36. Franchising Agreements
37. Indemnification in Arrangements in Business Combinations
38. Indemnity Agreements
39. Expatriation Contracts
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