– Science and Techniques
Författare:Pozner Larry S. , Dodd Roger J.
Titel:Cross-Examination – Science and Techniques
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Chapter 1 Philosophy and Overview of the Science of Cross-Examination
Chapter 2 Developing a Theory of the Case
Chapter 3 The Strategy, Preparation, and Organization of Cross-Examination
Chapter 4 Cross-Examination Focused Investigation
Chapter 5 Cross-Examination Preparation System 1: Topic Charts
Chapter 6 Cross-Examination Preparation System 2: Sequence of Events Charts
Chapter 7 Cross-Examination Preparation System 3: Witness Statement Charts
Chapter 8 The Only Three Rules of Cross-Examination
Chapter 9 The Chapter Method of Cross-Examination
Chapter 10 Page Preparation of Cross-Examination
Chapter 11 Sequences of Cross-Examination
Chapter 12 Employing Primacy and Recency
Chapter 13 The Relationship of Opening Statement to Cross-Examination
Chapter 14 Redirect and Recross Examination
Chapter 15 Destroying Safe Havens
Chapter 16 Eight Steps of Impeachment by Inconsistent Statement
Chapter 17 Impeachment by Omission
Chapter 18 Advanced Impeachment Techniques
Chapter 19 Controlling the Runaway Witness
Chapter 20 Dealing With the I Dont Know or I Dont Remember Witness
Chapter 21 Creation and Uses of Silence
Chapter 22 Voice, Movement, Body Language, and Timing
Chapter 23 Diminishing or Building the Point
Chapter 24 Juxtaposition
Chapter 25 Trilogies
Chapter 26 Loops, Double Loops, and Spontaneous Loops
Chapter 27 Cross-Examination Without Discovery
Chapter 28 The Crying Witness
Chapter 29 Coping with Objections
Chapter 30 Recognizing and Controlling Bait
Chapter 31 Pre-trial Application―Use at Depositions and Pre-trial Hearings
Chapter 32 How to Master the Techniques Without Trial Experience
Chapter 33 Analysis of Trial Techniques in Cross-Examination
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