Business Contracts in International Markets
Författare:Lindén Bruno , Roos Gertrud
Titel:Business Contracts in International Markets
Omfång:313 sid.

Pris: 303 SEK exkl. moms
Business Contracts in International Markets is an introductory book which covers some frequently used agreements for international sales transactions. The focus is on the formation and discharge of sales of goods contracts, agency and distributor agreements, joint venture agreements and arrangements that allow the use of a patent or trademark (licensing). Reference is made to supplementary trade terms incorporated in the individual contract (e.g. freight, insurance and payment arrangements) as well as to dispute resolution procedures. A brief presentation of the competition rules of the European Community ends the book.

The book is intended primarily as an introductory survey to this vast legal area. While the book is modelled on law courses for Swedish and foreign students of economics, its contents may also be useful in other degree courses and for professionals and managers of small and middle-sized business, with business relations abroad.
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