Licensing Technology
– Negotiating and Drafting Technology Transfer Agreements
Författare:Byrne Noel , McBratney Amanda
Titel:Licensing Technology – Negotiating and Drafting Technology Transfer Agreements
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Licensing Technology provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal, contractual and managerial issues involved in transferring technology to the market. The book is written in an accessible style, the third edition takes full account of important case-law developments over the last few years in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA and covers the full range of topics involved in licensing, including the commercial and contractual background, EC competition law (including EC Regulation 1/2003 and EC Regulation 772/2004). It will be a valuable resource for lawyers, patent attorneys, licensing executives and R&D managers. The book also comes with a free CD-ROM containing the full text of relevant EC legislation and guidelines on technology licensing from other jurisdictions. A chapter discussing the relevant laws in China, India, Taiwan and Vietnam has also been added.
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