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Federal Antitrust and EC Competition Law Analysis
Författare:Alese Femi
Titel:Federal Antitrust and EC Competition Law Analysis
Omfång:544 sid.
Ämnesord:Marknadsrätt , Internationell rätt , EU-rätt

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This book provides the reader with a comprehensive analysis of US Federal Antitrust and EC Competition Law. It is encyclopaedic in coverage: examining every constituent element of the law and landmark decisions from the perspectives of economics and policy goals, explaining their implications for commercial operations and advocating policy reforms where necessary.

Contents: Foreword, Right Hon. Sir Francis Jacobs KCMG, QC; Preface, Herbert Hovenkamp; Introduction; Restrictrive agreements: legal requirements; Agreements and concerted practices; Permissible horizontal restraints; Group boycotts; Information exchange agreements; Vertical resale restrictions; Market definition and dominance; Market abuse and monopolization: legal requirement; Leverage theory and tying; Refusal to supply; Exclusive dealing arrangements; Predatory pricing; Price discrimination; Horizontal mergers and acquisitions; Conglomerate and vertical mergers; Limitations and conclusions; Index.

About the Author: Femi Alese is a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of England and Wales, and an Attorney-at-Law in New York State, USA.
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