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Eradicating violence against children
Titel:Eradicating violence against children
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In spite of a high level of social awareness in Europe, millions of its children are still subjected to violence. Children’s rights are violated on a daily basis in all European countries. Corporal punishment, sexual abuse, the exploitation of children and other similar violations are only now emerging into the public eye. While some progress has been made, it is far too slow and timid. Elaborately organised networks in human trafficking, online child pornography and sexual violence behind what should be the safe doors of the home still prevent Europe from fully guaranteeing children’s human rights.

The Council of Europe promotes and secures children’s human rights through developing standards and policies, monitoring countries’ compliance with norms, and launching awareness-raising actions. It also assists countries to develop comprehensive strategies addressing all forms of violence against children. This book references the Council of Europe’s work in this field and provides insights into the processes that have led to its many conventions, recommendations, decisions, programmes, reports and publications.





Part I – The Council of Europe and violence against children: tools at work
1. About the Council of Europe
2. Council of Europe standard-setting activities:the legal instruments
2.1. Council of Europe conventions protecting children
2.2. Recommendations and resolutions
2.2.1. Texts adopted by the Committee of Ministers
2.2.2. Texts adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly
3. Monitoring violence against children
3.1. Sources of monitoring
3.2. The Commissioner for Human Rights
3.2.1. The Commissioner’s activities related to children and violence
3.2.2. Issue paper on corporal punishment
4. Policy development
4.1. Sectoral policies
4.1.1. Children and families
4.1.2. Youth and violence
4.1.3. Child-friendly justice
4.1.4. Children and new communication technologies
4.2. Transversal programmes
4.2.1. Integrated project on responses to violence
4.2.2. Transversal programme “Building a Europe for and with children”
5. Awareness raising and training

Part II – Council of Europe human rights mechanisms and violence against children
1. The European Convention on Human Rights
1.1. The Convention
1.2. Case law of the European Court of Human Rights
1.2.1. General principles
1.2.2. Domestic violence
1.2.3. Violence in the school sphere
1.2.4. Protection of children from physical and sexual abuse.
1.2.5. Servitude and forced labour of minors
1.2.6. Detention and deportation
1.2.7. Juvenile justice
2. The European Social Charter and the revised European Social Charter
2.1. The European Social Charter
2.2. The revised European Social Charter
2.3. The European Committee of Social Rights
2.3.1. Interpreting the Charter
2.3.2. Monitoring the implementation of the Charter
2.3.3. Conclusions of the committee
3. The European Convention for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
3.1. The convention and the committee
3.2. The standards
3.2.1. Safeguards against the ill-treatment of juveniles
3.2.2. Detention centres for juveniles
3.3. Reports of the committee
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