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Corporate Governance
Författare:Mallin Christine
Titel:Corporate Governance
Upplaga:3 uppl.
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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The international approach to corporate governance tackles the important issues of globalisation and emerging markets.

Using extended case studies, the development of corporate governance is contextualised throughout the book so that students can see its application in the real world.

Student centred with excellent learning features including chapter introductions, chapter summaries, case studies, weblinks and discussion questions.
Experienced and well known author.

New to this edition

Additional emphasis is given to corporate social responsibility to reflect its growing importance in organisations around the world.

Coverage of NGOs, public sector and non-profit organizations and charities has been expanded due to the increasing attention on their governance and the need to spend public money wisely during troubled times.

Recent developments in codes and guidelines have been addressed to ensure that the reader is fully up to date. Examples include the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and NAPF Responsible Investment Guidance.

New coverage of private equity and sovereign wealth funds and shareholder proposals is included.

The banking crisis and its effect on corporate governance is addressed, with more attention paid to directors' remuneration.

New case studies include Rio Tinto, AIG, Deutsche Bank and Royal Dutch Shell PLC.

Known for its international approach to corporate governance and its accessible nature, Corporate Governance has established itself as an invaluable text for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Chris Mallin introduces the reader to the theories and development of corporate governance, before looking at owners and stakeholders and directors, all the time illustrating the theory with examples from the press and case studies. Corporate Governance also features a comprehensive section on international governance, including an examination of governance issues in China, India and Brazil.

Corporate governance has seen its profile increase because of the financial crisis and this updated edition addresses the changes that have been driven by this situation. Topical examples are included throughout to ensure that students can appreciate the relevance of good governance to their future careers.

The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre which includes:

For students: fill in the blank questions, crosswords, updates on changes in corporate governance codes and practices, links to useful online resources, author's blog

For lecturers: PowerPoint presentations

Readership: Second and third year undergraduates and postgraduate business, economics, and accounting and finance students. As this book is an introduction to the topic which is not intended to be critical it is suitable for undergraduates and masters courses where a basic introduction to the subject is required.

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