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European Cross Border Insolvency
Titel:European Cross Border Insolvency
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This looseleaf provides a practical guide to European cross-border insolvency procedures in each European country. Taking a country-by-country approach, each section conforms to a standard template allowing easy access to information and quick comparisons between jurisdictions.

Contents: Overview of the Regulation. Austria. Belgium. Denmark. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Ireland. Italy. Luxembourg. The Netherlands. Portugal. Spain. Sweden. United Kingdom.

Providing a practical guide to cross-border insolvency proceedings in each European country, European Cross Border Insolvency:

- Guides you around the framework within which the different insolvency regimes of the EU operate
- Covers in detail the EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings, analysing all relevant case law
- Takes a country-by-country approach, with each section conforming to a standard template that allows easy access to information and quick comparisons between jurisdictions
- Considers the insolvency laws of each Member State showing how procedures work in each country
- Incorporates amendments made to insolvency legislation in the UK
- Deals with the practical aspects of cross-border insolvencies, post-Regulation
- Offers advice on the procedures available in respect of corporate debtors
- Includes coverage of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency and its implementation in the UK
- Supplies "at a glance" guidance in a series of summary tables which can be further explored in the relevant section
- Has been written by a team from Allen & Overy LLP, one of the leading firms in the area of insolvency law
- Provides regular releases to keep practitioners up to date with developments in all EU countries
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