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ICC Model International Franchising Contract
Titel:ICC Model International Franchising Contract
Anmärkning:ICC Publication No. 712E , 2011 Edition
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To take into account latest developments across the world, ICC’s experts have now updated the successful ICC Model International Franchising Contract.

Simple, user-friendly, flexible

International direct franchises are a rapidly expanding business instrument and make a considerable contribution to growth in various industry sectors. A lack of uniform international rules complicates matters though. The ICC Model International Franchising Contract responded to a growing need for a simple and user-friendly model contract that reflects the diversity of franchising contracts.

Explanations and Commentary for an even more efficient use

This update includes a significantly expanded introduction. It provides valuable information for users on issues such as anti-trust rules and questions of laws applicable to franchises. A helpful commentary offers alternative drafting solutions adapted to more specific needs and identifies potential pitfalls.

This invaluable business tool provides a balanced contractual framework for franchisors and franchisees across a range of industries that need legal certainty and compliance with common practice. Includes the text of the contract on CDRom.
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