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International Regulation of Banking
– Basel II: Capital and Risk Requirements
Författare:Gleeson Simon
Titel:International Regulation of Banking – Basel II: Capital and Risk Requirements
Upplaga:2 uppl.
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Financial capital regulation drives almost every aspect of the financial markets, from the structures of financial groups and the way they raise capital to the development of investment structures and financial engineering such as derivatives, securitisations, structured finance, credit derivatives, repos and stock lending.

This new edition of the leading guide on the structure of bank financial regulation is invaluable for lawyers and other non-statisticians interested in the regulatory drivers which shape modern financial transactions and techniques. The legal and regulatory principles which underlie the regulations are articulated here in a structured and accessible format without formulae. The first edition of International Regulation of Banking based on Basel II has now been updated in this second edition to take Basel III into account. There is clear sign-posting on what is current and what will be implemented after 2013 for Basel III, and explanation of the new liquidity and leverage requirements which Basel III will impose on banks.

The Basel III proposals provide rules for short and long-term liquidity, cleared derivatives, and revised rules for trading book, and securitisation and risk retention. Although not yet enacted in national law, banks and their legal advisors need to be preparing for compliance under the forthcoming requirements. This book assists with that process by analysing the impact of complex risk calculations, and explaining the principles of regulatory capital.


New edition of the leading work on capital and risk requirements

Clear and analytical presentation of regulatory and structural concepts designed for non-statisticians

Sets out the requirements of Basel III in full to assist banks with preparation for compliance

Explains the impact of complex risk calculations, details of securitization, hedging and netting regulatory requirements

Written by the leading expert in financial regulation law, Simon Gleeson

Content updated to include proposals under Basel III

Clearly differentiates Basel III requirements from Basel II rules

Part I - The Elements of Bank Financial Supervision
1: Introduction to Banks and Banking
2: Why are Banks Supervised?
3: Basel and International Bank Regulation
4: Basel III
5: The Bank Capital Calculation
6: The Bank Capital Calculation - Basel III
Part II - Commercial Banking
7: Credit Risk
8: The Standardized Approach
9: Model Based Approaches to Risk Weighting
10: The Internal Ratings Based Approach
11: Netting, Collateral, and Credit Risk Mitigation
Part III - Investment Banking
12: The Trading Book
13: Securities Underwriting
14: Trading Book Models
15: Credit Derivatives
16: Counterparty Risk
17: Counterparty Credit Risks for Derivatives, Securities Financing, and Long Settlement Exposures
18: Securitization and Repackaging
Part IV - Other Risks
19: Operational Risk Requirements
20: Concentration and Large Exposures
Part V - Basel III Requirements
21: Liquidity
22: The Leverage Ratio
23: Clearing and Exposures to CCPs
Part VI - Bank Group Supervision
24: Group Supervision
25: Financial Conglomerates
26: Cross-border and International Supervision of Bank Groups
27: Pillar Three - Disclosure Requirements

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