Wind Power and Power Politics av Strachan Peter, Lal David , Toke David - 9780415653251 - Jure bokhandel


Wind Power and Power Politics
– International Perspectives
Författare:Strachan Peter , Lal David , Toke David
Titel:Wind Power and Power Politics – International Perspectives
Omfång:212 sid.
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt , Miljörätt

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The aim of the book is to analyse the factors that have influenced wind power outcomes in a range of countries which have featured significant wind power deployment programmes. A central theme is the relationship between patterns of ownership and the outcomes. These flow from different social environments, but they are associated with different types of planning outcome and deployment rates. Grass roots ownership is more widespread than is commonly thought, although it is not a panacea for effective wind power programmes. Financial policies used to promote wind power also have important influences of the rates of deployment. However, what seems to be most important for wind power deployment is a double coincidence of widespread social support for wind power deployment and effective financial support systems for wind power.
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