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Intellectual Property Law
Författare:Torremans Paul
Titel:Intellectual Property Law
Upplaga:7 uppl.
Omfång:792 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Immaterialrätt , Internationell rätt , EU-rätt

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A. Introduction
1: Themes in intellectual property
2: The international and European framework

B. Patents
3: Origin, background and international aspects of the patent system
4: Patentability
5: Use and grant in the UK and Europe
6: Infringement and revocation
7: Supplementary protection certificates and the unitary Patent
8: Patents - an overview

C. Copyright and related issues
9: An introduction to copyright
10: The various types of copyright and the quality issue
11: Qualification
12: The term of copyright
13: Authorship and ownership of copyright
14: Moral rights
15: Copyright infringement
16: Defences to copyright infringement
17: Rights in performances
18: Dealing in copyright
19: Copyright - an overview

D. Designs
20: Design and copyright
21: Registered designs
22: Unregistered designs
23: Designs - an overview

E. Trade marks and other image rights
24: Trade marks - an introduction
25: Trade marks - registrability and use
26: Trade marks - infringement and revocation
27: Trade marks - European and international aspects
28: Tortious protection of intellectual property rights

F. Issues in intellectual property
29: Confidentiality and trade secrets
30: Computer technology and intellectual property
31: Character merchandising
32: Remedies in intellectual property litigation
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