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The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts
Författare:Curtis Simon
Titel:The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts
Upplaga:4 uppl.
Omfång:493 sid.
Förlag:Informa Law
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Ämnesord:Sjö- och transporträtt , Internationell rätt

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Law of Shipbuilding Contracts provides a comprehensive guide to the legal principles governing contracts for the construction of ships and has been thoroughly revised since the last edition in 2002.

Particular attention is paid to changes relating to quality standards, liquidated damages for deficiencies in performance, and the scope of the shipbuilder’s post-delivery guarantee of the vessel.

■Comments in detail upon the Shipbuilder's Association of Japan (SAJ) Form but now contrasts this with the new BIMCO NEWBUILDCON Form, published in 2007 and the China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) form from October 2011 to provide a broad ranging analysis of this complex subject.
■Focuses exclusively upon the interpretation and application of English Law principles to the buiness of shipbuilding as this continues to represent the most commonly chosen laws of large scale export new building
■As in the previous editions includes sections dealing with the guarantees and other agreements which support the shipbuilding contract and with ship conversion contracts.

PART 1The nature of the shipbuilding contract
PART 2Formation of the shipbuilding contract
PART 3The Preamble
Article I - Description and class
Article II - Contract price and terms of payment
Article II - Adjustment of contract price
Article IV - Approval of plans and drawings and inspection during construction
Article V - Modifications
Article VI - TrialsArticle VII - Delivery
Article VIII - Delays and extensions of time for delivery
Article IX - Warranty of quality
Article X - Rescission by buyer
Article XI - Buyer's default
Article XII - Insurance
Article XIII - Dispute and arbitration
Article XIV - Right of assignment
Article XV - Taxes and duties
Article XVI - Patents, trademarks, copyrights etc
Article XVII - Buyer's supplies
Article XVIII - Notice
Article XIX - Effective date of contract
Article XX - Interpretation
Article XXI - Sundry provisions
Other typical shipbuilding contract terms
PART 4 Agreements ancillary to the shipbuilding contract
PART 5 Ship conversion contracts
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