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Lloyd's: Law and Practice
Författare:Burling Julian
Titel:Lloyd's: Law and Practice
Omfång:588 sid.
Förlag:Informa Law
Ämnesord:Försäkringsrätt , Sjö- och transporträtt , Internationell rätt

Pris: 3174 SEK exkl. moms


The unique features of the Lloyd’s Corporation and Market and their governing rules are complex and are often difficult to navigate even for the most seasoned practitioner. This book provides the reader with a definitive and detailed guide, and is essential for any practitioner dealing with Lloyd’s Insurance.

After a brief historical account, the book provides a thorough legal description and analysis of Lloyd’s, which includes topics ranging from the constitution and membership requirements of Lloyd’s, UK and overseas regulation, the processes for placing and underwriting business and handling claims, chain of security, enforcement and disciplinary matters, compensation and the reconstruction and the renewal of the Lloyd’s market between 1990 and 1996.

The book will be an invaluable reference tool for insurance practitioners and professionals dealing with Lloyd’s.

Chapter 1. An Overview of the Current Lloyd's Market
Chapter 2. A Brief History of the Lloyd's Market
Chapter 3. Lloyd's- A Statutory Body
Chapter 4. Members and Membership of Lloyd's
Chapter 5. Regulation of Lloyd's Market under FSMA
Chapter 6. Syndicates (1): Structure and Participation
Chapter 7. Syndicates (2) Standard Agency Agreements Chapter 8. Managing Agents
Chapter 9. Members' Agents
Chapter 10. Lloyd's Brokers and other Agents of the Assured
Chapter 11. Placing and Accepting Insurance at Lloyd's: Open Markets
Chapter 12. Delegating Underwriting
Chapter 13. Claims Process at Lloyd's
Chapter 14. Accounts and Payment of Premiums and Claims
Chapter 15. Supervision of Underwriting at Lloyd's
Chapter 16. Capital Requirements
Chapter 17. Financial Resources at Lloyd's (1): Syndicate Level
Chapter 18. Financial Resources at Lloyd's (2): Member Level- "Funds at Lloyd's"
Chapter 19. Financial Resources at Lloyd's (3): The Central Fund and Other Central Assets Chapter 20. Solvency Test
Chapter 21. Accounts and Reporting
Chapter 22. Taxation of Members
Chapter 23. FSMA

Part VII: Insurance Business Transfers to or from Members of Lloyd's
Chapter 24. Enforcement Chapter 25. Dispute Resolution
Chapter 26. Regulation of Members of Lloyd’s Overseas
Chapter 27. Agency Department
Chapter 28. Insolvency Procedures
Chapter 29. The "Lloyd's Litigation"
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