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International Agency and Distribution Law
Författare:Campbell Dennis
Titel:International Agency and Distribution Law
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This title provides comprehensive coverage of 48 countries world-wide, as well as the European Union. The work provides information and analysis on issues that should be covered in a properly drafted distribution agreement. Differences in language, currency, and legal structures and the geographical separation of parties present difficulties for exporters, most of which can be overcome by the careful selection of a distributor in the country of distribution. The use of an experienced distributor in the local jurisdiction represents the easiest and most expeditious means of entering a foreign market. International Agency and Distribution Law examines all important facets of law and practice impacting on distribution and agency, including: the laws affecting the sale of goods through use of local agents and distributors, addressing issues relating to distribution contracts, employment, tax liabilities, liability for the acts of an agent, and dispute resolution. This work is a required reference for those involved in agency and distribution law.

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