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ICC Using franchising to take your business international
Titel:ICC Using franchising to take your business international
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Building an international network can bring great rewards, not only in terms of profits, but also by increasing brand awareness. It allows growth and support using local companies’ capital. This book provides practical guidance on why, when and how a franchisor should go international.

Aimed at franchisors that already have a multi-unit operation that has proven successful in one market, this guide will help you to decide whether or not to take the next step. With a truly global perspective, the authors and correspondents from all corners of the globe have taken into account the difference between common law and civil law as well as the amount of legislation in different countries and states.

Written in an accessible style, the text covers the myriad of legal and business questions a franchisor should consider in detail, i.e.

- The steps to go international through franchising and the different contracts and agreements possible (Master Franchising, Area Development and Sub-Franchising)
- Potential risks and pitfalls
- Market and financial research
- Legal planning (local laws, IP issues, public policy, laws with international application)
- How to choose a candidate
- Exit strategy
And more

The guide also includes sample country-specific information in a series of annexes and checklists of issues to be included in three of the major contract types used for international expansion.

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