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Schemes of Arrangement
– Law and Practice
Författare:O'Dea Geoff , Long Julian , Smyth Alexandra
Titel:Schemes of Arrangement – Law and Practice
Omfång:315 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
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This new guide to schemes of arrangement draws together all of the elements of the law and practice concerning both creditor and member schemes.

Member schemes of arrangement have become the preferred method of implementing takeovers in the UK. Creditor schemes of arrangement are increasingly used in restructuring matters and the trend in their usage in foreign companies is likely to continue as many credit documents across Europe are arranged and underwritten in London under English law. The book considers the effect given to an English scheme in foreign jurisdictions, and other Private International Law issues.

A major issue for those considering a scheme for creditors is whether a scheme or CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) is more appropriate and this book assists the reader by including an analysis of the pros and cons of schemes and CVAs.

There are very few sources of information on schemes of arrangement and the area takes much of its substance from case law. This book, addressing the law and practical issues faced by practitioners on a day-to-day basis, is a first in the field.

Part I - Introduction
1: Introduction and Outline of Process
2: Jurisdiction and the Types of Companies that may Propose Schemes
Part II - Key Principles Relating to Creditor and Member Schemes
3: Meaning of Key Legal Terms and Concepts
4: Court Hearings, Creditor or Member Meetings and Disclosure
5: Listed Company Considerations
Part III - Creditor Schemes
6: Major Types of Creditor Schemes in a Corporate Restructuring Context
7: Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) Compared with Schemes
8: Creditor Schemes in Practice
Part IV - Member Schemes
9: Types of Member Schemes
10: Takeovers by Scheme of Arrangement
Part V - Practice and Procedure
11: Practice and Procedure - Creditor Schemes
12: Practice and Procedure - Member Schemes
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