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Baltic Yearbook of International Law
– Volume 15, 2015
Titel:Baltic Yearbook of International Law – Volume 15, 2015
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Förlag:Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt

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This volume of the "Baltic Yearbook of International Law" contains materials from a conference entitled The Approaches of Liberal and Illiberal Governments to International Law: A Conference Marking 25 Years since the Collapse of Communist Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe that was held in the building of the Estonian Academy of Sciences on 12-13 June 2014. The conference was co-organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu and the European Society of International Law s interest group on international legal theory (ILTIG).

The Baltic Yearbook of International Law is the first legal journal in the field of international law published under the auspices of the Baltic Editorial Board that attempts to bring to the international debate the issues that are of importance in the Baltic States and provides a forum for the views of, among others, Baltic international scholars on various topical themes of international law.

The first volume appeared in 2001 with the symposium on the question of International Legal Status of the Baltic States. The Yearbook contains State practice reports from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and thus serves as an important source of information that is not available elsewhere. On several occasions the Yearbook has offered articles discussing the history of international law and current issues in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation, thus making more accessible a regional discourse to a wider audience in the world.
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